Gods, Devils and Dreams: New Exhibition Opens at the Bethlem Gallery Next Week

Next week, on 24th April, a new exhibition opens at the Bethlem Gallery. Peter Harry Lewis White’s Gods, Devils and Dreams will run until 17 May, featuring large-scale paintings and detailed pencil drawings. His work depicts visions and dreamscapes that take the viewer on a journey into abstracted landscapes, figures and happenings. “My exhibition reflects my experiences and my creations. There are some windows into my memory and mind, but the rest is just colour and form.”

The exhibition will be open for Museums at Night 2013, a nationwide festival of late openings and events at museums and galleries, in which Bethlem is participating on Thursday 16 May. The Museum will be open until 7.30pm, with a special talk on Spiritualists and Spook-Spotters in the nineteenth century at 6.30 providing the perfect follow-up to an exhibition visit. How did psychiatrists explore hypnosis and spiritualism in late nineteenth-century Bethlem? What were the hospital’s connections with the Society for Psychical Research? And how were ‘spooky’ goings-on thought to help us explore the relationship between mind and body?

Gods, Devils and Dreams opens on 24th April (3 – 6pm) and continues 25th April – 17th May

Wednesday – Friday 11am – 6pm

Gallery and Museum also open Saturday 11th May, 11am – 5pm

 photo peterwhite_zpsdfb3ad5c.jpg

Reversible Owl – Peter White


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