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Flight of Ideas: New Exhibition at the Bethlem Gallery opens 2 October

Next week, an exciting new exhibition to celebrate world mental health day will open at the Bethlem Gallery.  Flight of Ideas will start on 2 October, and continue until 25 October 2013.

Flight of Ideas is an exhibition of postcards made by artists staying and working in hospitals across Europe.  This exhibition is an international collaboration between innovative arts practice, studio spaces and galleries based within psychiatric healthcare in Croatia, France, Italy and the UK.  All four organisations are unique within their own countries.  Flight of Ideas celebrates their shared ideals framing them within the context of each nation’s system of mental health care.  These differing institutions all facilitate creative activity as part of the recovery process during a person’s time in hospital and support professional development of these artists beyond the hospital setting.

At the heart of the exhibition are the artists themselves. Their extraordinary talent will be presented within the size of a postcard but is broad and varied in the range of style, media and technique employed.  Artists working within the hospital environments range from having formal arts training to the self-taught. Their work shows, better than any document, their identity as artists and their right to lay claim to that status.

The World As Was Before, by Anon

The World As Was Before, by Anon (The Azienda USL di Reggio Emilia, Italy)


Ordinary Moments – Cynthia Pell Exhibition at Bethlem Gallery

A new exhibition dedicated to artist Cynthia Pell opens at the Bethlem Gallery this month. From 28 August to 20 September, Pell’s thought-provoking depictions of the world around her will be on display in the Bethlem Gallery in the show Ordinary Moments. On display will be works made during Pell’s time at Camberwell Art College, in the French countryside in the 1950s, and drawings made whilst she was residing in Bexley Hospital in the 1970s. Regardless of subject matter, Cynthia’s evocative work depicts an intense emotional view of the world, her experiences and other people.

Cynthia Pell (later Weldon) was born in March 1933 and spent her early life in Finchley, brought up with her elder sister Barbara by their nanny and parents. At boarding school, Cynthia showed a great aptitude for art, which led to her enrolment first at Bournemouth Art College, and then Camberwell Art College in London. In 1957, she had a solo exhibition at the Beaux Art Gallery in London and afterwards, on the pavement outside, set fire to work that had not been sold. The artist’s mental health began to decline in the late 1950s, and she was admitted to St Bernard’s Hospital in Southall 1961. She subsequently spent 10 years in and out of hospital, suffering with bipolar disorder.

Cynthia was admitted to Bexley Hospital in May 1973 during a manic phase, and there met art therapist Britta von Zweigbergk. Britta encouraged Cynthia to visit the art studio at Bexley, and brought materials to Cynthia in her ward so that she could continue to make a record of everything she saw – from fellow patients to nurses and the view from the ward’s windows. Cynthia gave many of these drawings and paintings to Britta, who recently donated a number of the works included in the exhibition to Bethlem Archives and Museum.

Opening 28th August, 3 – 6pm

Exhibition continues: 29th August – 20th September

Wednesday – Friday, 11am – 6pm

Gallery and museum also open Saturday 7th September, 11-5pm.

 photo LDBTH787-PortraitofMichael1974b_zps85a73146.jpg

Portrait of Michael (1974)

Sleeping and Dreaming: New Exhibition at the Bethlem Gallery opens 31 July

This week, a new exhibition of vibrant abstract paintings by Nick Farey opens at the Bethlem Gallery. Sleeping and Dreaming will start on 31 July, and continues until 23 August.

Nick has had no formal training, “however I am colourist, abstract, impressionistic and drownright cranky in my approach”. Nick has always enjoyed painting although he only began in earnest in his forties. As he put it: “The release of creative energy was prolific and the results were visually pleasing to me and hugely therapeutic.”

The exhibition’s Saturday opening, on 3 August, is also one of the last chances to see Cibber’s famous statues of ‘Raving’ and ‘Melancholy Madness’ before they travel Europe for almost a year.  The seventeenth-century sculptures will feature in the exhibition Géricault: Images of Life and Death, opening at the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt on 17 October and then the Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent from February 2014. The exhibition focuses on the French Romantic painter Théodore Géricault (1791 – 1824), in particular the themes of physical and psychological suffering in his work.

In our usual free afternoon talk on 3 August, the Bethlem Archivist will explore the changing way in which these figures have been viewed over time, from receiving regular listings in eighteenth-century guides to London to being screened from view in the Victorian hospital.

Sleeping and Dreaming opens 31st July, 3 – 6pm

Exhibition continues 1st – 23rd August

Wednesday – Friday, 11am – 6pm

Gallery and museum also open Saturday 3rd August 11-5pm. Talk: The Brainless Brothers: A Biography of Cibber’s Raving and Melancholy Madness will take place at 2pm.

Nick Farey Mad as the Mist

Mad as the Mist – Nick Farey (1960 – 2013)

Face Value: New Exhibition at Bethlem Gallery & Annual Sunfayre

On 3rd July, a new exhibition opens at the Bethlem Gallery, showcasing young people’s artwork on the theme of identity. Young artists from Bethlem Adolescent Unit, Bromley Pupil Referral Service (Kingswood) and Hayes School visited the Museum to view a variety of portraits from the collection, before using a variety of creative media to generate their own artwork. The exhibition runs until 26 July, and will be open on the day of the Bethlem Sunfayre.

The annual site open day takes place this year on Saturday 6 July, with activities and events running from 12 – 5pm. There will be live music, stalls, complementary therapies, free children’s entertainment, refreshments, exhibitions, talks, tours and art workshops. This year, the Archives and Museum will have a marquee, allowing us to offer additional exhibitions, talks on the History of Bethlem and to showcase the plans for the new Museum of the Mind. Museum staff will be on hand at all times to answer your questions and listen to your feedback. We look forward to seeing you there!

Face Value opens 3 July, 3 – 6pm

Exhibition continues: 4 – 26 July, Wednesday – Friday, 11am – 6pm

Download the full Sunfayre programme from the TWIG Ops site here

Jack Ives - Untitled

Untitled – Jack Ives

Raw Materials: New Exhibition at the Bethlem Gallery opens 29 May

Raw Materials: Work from Wood opens on Wednesday 29 May at the Bethlem Gallery. This exhibition of work from wood has been created by Sue Burbidge. Sue’s passion for raw materials manifests in a spectrum of creative outputs from sculptural forms, to turned vessels, crafted boxes and cabinets and monoprints taken directly from the tree’s form. Much of the wood has been locally sourced with some items on display created from trees felled from the Bethlem grounds. Also on show, will be a sculpture made for the Bethlem Orchard, a legacy from ‘Art in the Garden’ a collaboration between the Bethlem Royal Hospital Occupational Therapy Department, the London Orchard Project and the Local Food Project.

The Bethlem Gallery and Museum will also be open on Saturday 1st June, from 11am – 5pm. At midday, there will be a guided walk around the grounds by Sue Burbidge, starting from the Bethlem Gallery. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the spacious, peaceful site, which is criss-crossed by nature trails. Later that same afternoon (2pm), there will be a free talk in the museum. The Head of the Archives and Museum will explore the Guttman-Maclay Art Collection, which forms the backbone of the museum collection, including work by Louis Wain, Charles Sims and William Kurelek. Meanwhile, from 12 – 3pm, Art in the Garden will also take place in the O.T. Walled Garden on the Bethlem site. We’re hoping for sunshine!

Exhibition opening 29th May 3 – 6pm

Exhibition continues: 30th May – 21st June

Wednesday – Friday 11am – 6pm and Saturday 1st June 11am – 5pm.

Art in the Garden is open Friday 31 May (1 – 4pm) and Saturday 1 June (12 – 3pm) in the Walled Garden.

This exhibition is part of London Creativity and Wellbeing Week 2013 for more information visit:

Raw Materials Sue Burbidge

Gods, Devils and Dreams: New Exhibition Opens at the Bethlem Gallery Next Week

Next week, on 24th April, a new exhibition opens at the Bethlem Gallery. Peter Harry Lewis White’s Gods, Devils and Dreams will run until 17 May, featuring large-scale paintings and detailed pencil drawings. His work depicts visions and dreamscapes that take the viewer on a journey into abstracted landscapes, figures and happenings. “My exhibition reflects my experiences and my creations. There are some windows into my memory and mind, but the rest is just colour and form.”

The exhibition will be open for Museums at Night 2013, a nationwide festival of late openings and events at museums and galleries, in which Bethlem is participating on Thursday 16 May. The Museum will be open until 7.30pm, with a special talk on Spiritualists and Spook-Spotters in the nineteenth century at 6.30 providing the perfect follow-up to an exhibition visit. How did psychiatrists explore hypnosis and spiritualism in late nineteenth-century Bethlem? What were the hospital’s connections with the Society for Psychical Research? And how were ‘spooky’ goings-on thought to help us explore the relationship between mind and body?

Gods, Devils and Dreams opens on 24th April (3 – 6pm) and continues 25th April – 17th May

Wednesday – Friday 11am – 6pm

Gallery and Museum also open Saturday 11th May, 11am – 5pm

 photo peterwhite_zpsdfb3ad5c.jpg

Reversible Owl – Peter White

Escapism, Colour & Light: New Exhibition at the Bethlem Gallery opens this week

Escapism, Colour & Light is a new exhibition by Matthew at the Bethlem Gallery, opening this week (Wednesday 27 March). Matthew, a current Bethlem Royal Hospital resident, exhibits vibrant landscapes and abstracted forms, which engage the viewer in imagined terrains and simplified colourful shapes. His work reinvents familiar objects and visions through a sophisticated and playful artistic process.

Opening: 27th March, 3 – 6pm

Exhibition continues: 28th March – 19th April

Wednesday – Friday 11am – 6pm

Museum and Gallery open Saturday 6th April, 11am – 5pm

At 2pm on 6th April, there will be a final opportunity to tour the historic hospital boardroom, before the administration block is closed for building works. The Boardroom at Bethlem is located in the Art Deco administration block, soon to be temporarily closed for construction work on the new museum. It is something of a time capsule, with displays including heraldic crests dating back to 1547, the Bridewell Chandelier of 1757 and portraits from the art collection. This guided tour, starting at the Bethlem Museum, will offer visitors a history of the ancient hospital.

 Village in Yellow by Matthew

Village in Yellow by Matthew